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Dental Implants in Birkenhead
Dental Implants

An amazing and predictable way to replace teeth. From a single missing tooth to a full arch, from a small space to stabilizing full dentures, implants are a predictable, successful and highly aesthetic way to solve your dental concerns.
We use Straumann dental implants and they are the finest quality dental implants; the Straumann system uses the finest materials and the latest technology to produce the best results. Straumann dental implants provide optimum standards of functionality, as well as increased comfort and enhanced aesthetics.


A titanium cylinder which is gently inserted into your jaw to act just like the root of tooth. An implant actually integrates with your bone in a wonderful natural process where your own bone cells grow onto the implant surface. The implant becomes a part of you and can then be used to support a crown or a bridge or to stabilize a denture.
Implants can replace a missing tooth by supporting a crown, for a group of missing teeth then implants can either replace each tooth with crowns or alternatively, fewer implants can be placed to support a bridge which replaces all the missing teeth in the space.

For someone with no teeth in a jaw, implants can provide the foundation for a full arch bridge which is amazingly lifelike and fixed in place.
Well, often they can replace dentures with fixed implant bridges or another very successful alternative is to use fewer implants to stabilize dentures instead. By holding the denture very securely, foods that were of limits become enjoyable once more.
A large majority of people are suitable for dental implant treatment. Age is no limitation to successful implant therapy and the best way to look in detail at your options is to come and see us for a consultation.